This might be my quickest review ever…. I was super excited to hear beauty giants Nivea had put out an in-shower body lotion/skin conditioner. I was all over this reckoning this was going to be the next best thing since BB cream. Nivea_In-Shower

Lets cut to the mustard: You know when some things are just too good to be true? Yeah, well, this was one of those occasions. Applied wet in the shower, my skin felt momentarily silky and soft, but as soon as I’d tried off with a towel… What moisturizer? All the goodness had vanished down the plughole – No soft smooth skin to be found anywhere! It must be noted, whilst I suffer from mini oil rigs on my face, my legs are seriously dry, so I went for the skin conditioner for dry skin. That didn’t seem to matter in the slightest, my skin was ‘dry’ post-shower, and I don’t mean just because I’d toweled myself off. My skin was so dry, I resorted to going back to my usual post-shower routine, slathering myself from head to toe with my current favorite goodies (Moreish Body Lotion with a squirt of Moreish Body Oil, FYI).

I’ve tried this product ten days on the trot, thinking ‘maybe it’s me?’ Nup. Same result. Desperate to find a good angle to report I even tried shaving my legs with it (I’d heard conditioner was a good shaving cream), but alas, all that’s happened is I’ve clogged up my razor and the shower floor is so super-slippery and my small child has taken to practicing Michael Jackson dance moves mid wash. That’s why I’m glad my friend had told me about getting glass panels for my shower. At least my child won’t be harming himself too much in the shower now. If it was just a shower curtain, I might be more worried about him dancing on the slippy floor caused by this product.

I daresay we haven’t seen the last of these skin conditioners, my money says Dove or Garnier will have one out before Christmas. I’m still convinced this is a great idea (and that it will be as big as BB Cream), so, unperturbed, I’ll road test some more then. But until that next time: Nivea’s In Shower Body Lotion (Skin Conditioner), sorry, you get my reluctant thumbs down.