I spontaneously purchased a new foundation brush, World Organics Soft Buffer Brush, a few weeks ago.  The uniqueness of this soft buffer brush totally caught my attention, it was unlike any other brush I own (in my,errr, large stash!).  It was $25. What can I say, I was caught at a weak moment. I’m a naturally curious creature with an insatiable appetite for beauty. But, you know, I kind of needed it.  

I’ve showed a few friends my World Organics Soft Buffer Brush and they all said the same thing….

“What the heck is that?” “How does that work?”

Yes, there were raised eyebrows. What sceptics! That immediately made me think that a demo video was a good idea. Boom.

For the record, more often than not, I use a foundation brush to apply my foundation. Usually I use some a more traditional buffing or stippling foundation brush (like this one from Real Techniques).  

Why bother buffing foundation in? I love to really WORK the product into my skin, not just one me, on my makeup clients too. For me personally, I love the effect achieved by buffing. You see, I have oily skin and I have large pores around my forehead, nose and cheeks. I find that if I apply my usual BB cream or foundation with my fingers the product doesn’t really get into my pores. By using a buffing brush, on the other hand, product gets right into my pores. The result is a flawless finish. Additionally, with my oily skin, I’m mindful that there’s always natural oils on my fingertips and I’m loathe to introduce any more oil to my skin.   Note, I use a foundation sponge too sometimes, and I love the effect. However, on the negative side, these can soak up a lot of product  and, well, you know me, I like bang for buck!

Ah, what a whinger I am! On the upside, us oily-skinned lasses, allegedly, are the last ones to age. I’ll reserve any judgement on that! Ask me in 9 years at my fiftieth birthday party shindig. Then again, if I play my cards right, I’m going on a romantic jaunt to New York. Spoilt? I consider it an overdue honeymoon. We never had one. That’s another blog post.

Back to this Buffer Brush, which, if you can’t be bothered watching the short video – spoiler alert: I love it.   It cost me $25, or $20 if you are a member of the Jasmine Club (find out the Jasmine Club here, it’s awesome, you get 20% off retail price!).   You can buy the brush online from World Organics: Click here.  Yes, full disclaimer, I sell World Organics. Here’s a post with the back story! Those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know that I’m 100% honest, if I love something, I shout, loudly. If I don’t, similarly, I’m not quiet about it. Actually, I’m not quiet about much…

World Organics Soft Buffer BrushWorld Organics describes their Soft Buffer Brush as:

“Made from ultra-soft, premium, vegan-friendly bristles, the buffer brush effectively promotes the look of even skin texture while also minimizing streaks”.  

Having used this  brush daily for the last two weeks I confirm it does what the marketing promises: No streaks. Beautifully buffed in foundation. I’m happy as Larry.  

I love a product that does what it says. That this brush is cruelty-free, vegan friendly too – I feel good about using it.

Have you tried a foundation brush like this?