My little guy, Keagan, is as much of a fan of the beauty aisle at the supermarket as I am. We spend ages sniffing shower gels and moisturisers to make sure we get just the right one and he loves trying out new products in the bathroom (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, eh?!).

So, when an email popped into my inbox from Pineapple Heads, offering my little guy the opportunity to try out some of their all natural skincare and haircare products for kids, I was in like Flynn. I’d been eyeing up Pineapple Head’s products for a while now and I was thinking about getting him some! So I knew Keagan would be all over this and, sure enough, when the package arrived he shot off to the bathroom to have a shower to give everything a good test run. 

Later, after a decent period of ‘testing’, I sat him down to get the download of the Pineapple Heads range so I could write up my blog post. But, nope, turns out we weren’t just doing a blog post, he wanted us to do a “proper review” to go on You Tube! He was so excited he even tidied his desk to be the backdrop for the clip.  So, I relented and I’m really proud of him:  I think he did a great job!  So, here it goes, over to you Keagan for your product reviewing debut!

Right, Mum’s turn now…

Can you tell he loves this range?  I’m still laughing that he wished he’d recieved the Sleepyhead Bubble Bath from the Pineapple Heads’ range, ungrateful little monkey! (Shhh, Ive bought it for him as a stocking filler for Christmas).  

As a Mum, I love these products – and I love the story behind them too. Pineapple Heads is the brainchild of kiwi mum Megan Sanders who, after looking for some natural products for her son’s unruly hair, spotted a super-duper opportunity.  She must be high-fiving herself now, coz – she’s nailed it.

There’s eight products in the Pineapple Heads range. We got sent five (see pic below) and there’s also two bubble baths (including the Sleepyhead one Keagan is lusting after) and a detangler.

pineapple heads review

What I love about the range is that it’s NZ made (I love supporting local businesses) and it’s all made from natural stuff (as Keagan says, there’s “no baddies”).  If you are a Mum with a kid with sensitive skin, you’ll be all over this. Keags forgot to say this in his review, but a top scoring mark for him is that the shampoo doesn’t sting if he gets it in his eyes, which is, even at age 9, a regular occurence.  In terms of product ingredients, I love the wording on the website that says:

None of our products have any dumb stuff like; silicones, PEGs (we don’t even know how you would make anything cool for your hair out of PEGS), petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colours, harsh surfactants, animals – cute or otherwise.”

pineapple heads review nz
Ingredients – also love the product description! Hilarious!

As for testing: It’s all tested on kids:  No fluffy bunny rabbits were harmed in the making of Pineapple Heads. We love this!

In terms of quality, I’ve personally road tested all of them (hubby uses the hairwax!) and I’m giving it my big thumbs up. The shampoo and conditioner is fantastic – it leaves Keagan’s hair silky smooth and soft (mine too).  The scent of all of the products is just heavenly:  The conditioner, for example, is peaches, honeysuckle and lemon balm…. Good enough to eat!  

The Pineapple Heads range gets a massive tick from Keagan and I.  Keags is so in love with his products he got his friends around from next door (two girls) and he took them to this bathroom to show off the range. He also hopped on the computer on his own free will to check out the rest of the range (hence he knows about the bubble bath)  Cute!   With Christmas around the corner, these will make tip-top kid’s presents.

Price wise, these start from NZ$15.95 (shampoo and conditioner). The body was is $16.95 for a 375ml bottle (with a pump). This may seem pricey, but for what you get (local, all natural, made with love and great ethics) I think this is represents great value.  Get in!

To find out more, locate stockists close to you, or buy online, visit:

These products were generously sent to Keagan and I to review from Pineapple Heads. Thank you Megan! x